General election predictions vs results

Well, that was unexpected, though Psychic Paul was slightly more foresightful than in 2015.

To recap my predictions were:


  • Double-figure majority: Wrong.
  • Gains in Scotland: Right (net gain of 12).
  • Theresa May remains PM: Right (as of time of writing).


  • Squeezed in Scotland: Wrong (net gain of 6 seats).
  • Corbyn will fare better than Miliband: Right.
  • Corbyn forced out in 2017/18: Unknown, but probably wrong.

Liberal Democrats:

  • Gains limited to a handful of seats: Right (net gain of 4).


  • Loss of seats: Right (net loss of 21).


  • Vote collapse: Right (down 10.8 percentage points)


  • Solitary MP: Right.

It’s a good job I didn’t place a bet on a Conservative majority though.

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