European election results 2014

After hanging around whilst the Western Isles completed their counting,  we now have all the results for the European elections. As with the locals, the broad result was a transfer of votes and seats from the governing parties to Labour, UKIP and others, though in a more spectacular fashion. UKIP The clear winners of the […]

External commentary on the EU elections

After posting my thoughts on the European election results, I felt it would be a good idea to collate some of the articles I came across whilst scanning the headlines. These articles are listed in no particular order, I’ve tried to include as a wide a range of sources as possible, and a link doesn’t imply endorsement […]

Local election results 2014

With two full days having passed since the local elections, the results are now in for all councils except Tower Hamlets.  It’s a mixed bag of results across the country, but broadly speaking the two governing parties have lost seats to a combination of Labour and other parties (including UKIP) in a roughly 50:50 split. […]