Boris Johnson: Buy, sell or hold?

It has been a volatile few weeks for the Prime Minister, and this looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. If you could buy shares in Boris Johnson, should you buy, sell or hold? The bull case Despite the travails of recent days, the Prime Minister still has a number of advantages which can […]

Johnson’s Brexit dilemma

Poor Boris Johnson. He’s finally got the job he’s hankered for the whole of his life, at the worst possible moment and in the most difficult of circumstances. With a hearing at the Supreme Court scheduled for this week to review his decision to prorogue Parliament for an extended period, and being ’empty podiumed’ by […]

Boris Johnson is Foreign Secretary

Depending on how closely you watch politics, you may have either had nightmares or woken up to the fact that Boris Johnson is now Foreign Secretary – announced as part of the first wave of Theresa May’s ministerial appointments. Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary. I’ll let that sink in for a minute before continuing… First […]

Boris Johnson wants to be an MP (again)

Anyone with the slightest interest in politics or current affairs will have heard that Boris Johnson is planning to make a return to the Commons by standing for election as an MP in May next year. So important was the blond mop-top’s announcement that it even made it into the BBC ‘breaking news’ email. To […]