Richmond Park by-election results

On Friday morning political animals woke up to the unexpected result of the Liberal Democrats winning Richmond Park on a vote swing of over 20%. A by-election had been triggered in the constituency by the resignation of the incumbent Conservative MP, Zac Goldsmith, over the government’s decision to go ahead with a third runway at […]

Upcoming by-elections and UKIP

Two defections and a death have provided UKIP with three by-elections in which to secure its first representation at Westminister. Nigel Farage is no doubt rubbing his hands with glee that, like buses, he has waited years for such opportunities and then three come along at once. Clacton A seaside resort with one of the […]

Newark by-election results

Yesterday voters in the Nottinghamshire constituency of Newark went to the polls in a by-election caused by the resignation of the former Conservative MP Patrick Mercer. This was considered a traditional Conservative seat – though it did switch to Labour for one term in 1997 – and with a majority of 16,000 the party was […]